Portable slow juicer please!

Fresh & organic juices
Sari Organic Juices, Ubud, Bali

I’m turning into a juice freak.

It’s not the worse addiction one can suffer from, granted.  But it’s an expensive hobby.  And unfortunately not yet popular enough around the world, so I can’t satisfy my cravings everywhere I go.  Nothing beats a fresh veggie and/or fruit juice.  I can’t get enough of them.

Drinking juice or a concentrate from a carton simply doesn’t do it for me anymore.  Even if they don’t add sugars or preservatives, it’s pasteurised at the very least.  A little good does that do…  While pasteurisation kills harmful bacteria, it also destroys the good ones, leaving your juices with dead calories and zero nutritional value.  So I want fresh only.  And slow juiced if possible, because that way you release the maximum amount of enzymes from the fibres with a minimum loss of nutritional value due to oxidisation as a centrifugal juicer would cause (yes, better read that sentence again, it’s a mouthful I confess!).  They say that drinking juices is even healthier than eating your fruits and veggies, because there is no way that you’ll chew on your food long enough to extract as many nutrients from it as a slow juicer would.

It’s a tough life, trying to be healthy…

In my case, you have to remember I’m a homeless globetrotter, therefore most of the time kitchenless, hence dependent on local establishments to provide me with fresh, healthy & tasty juices.  Let me give you an overview of what was available to me over the past few months.

Our resort in the Maldives? Ha, what a joke.  Even if by some miracle I would have been able to get my hands on enough variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to press juices, we wouldn’t have been allowed to have kitchen appliances in our rooms.  The canteen and restaurant kitchens were off limits as was the Juice Bar, since Dive Centre staff members were considered evil beings to be kept as far away from guests as possible.  Fresh coconuts were the only source of natural fresh drinks available to us.  My staff would collect them personally from the coconut trees around the Dive Centre and we would have several coconut parties a week.  The highlight of my days!

Egypt?  Forget it.  In El Gouna, my base in the desert, no place sells fresh vegetable juices and there is only one shop that sells overpriced “fresh fruit juices”.  On the first and last occasion I was there to order two take-away mixed fruit juices, I actually had to stop them from adding juice from a pack to the mix…  Seriously???  So I ended up blending some at home, for lack of a good slow juicer.  Anyhow, organic (pesticide free) fruits and vegetables are hard to come by in Egypt and pesticide regulation is probably decades behind Europe, so even if you juice-it-yourself at home, you’re not really drinking the healthiest of brews…

Amsterdam?  Disappointing too.  Aside from the standard freshly squeezed orange juice restaurants and cafés, there might be a handful of “Juice Bars” in town, but personally I don’t go cycling through the rain for 10 minutes to get a fresh juice.  Unless it’s around the corner from where I stay, it’s useless.  The only good alternative I know of, and of which I am a shamelessly big fan, is Frecious.nl.  Deliciously cold pressed fresh veggie juices, non-pasteurised and delivered to your doorstep in bottles of recycled plastic.  Last time I was in Holland, I ordered 90 of them for the month and finished them off in no time.  I carried one or two of them in my handbag wherever I went.  Ideal snacks, thirst quenching and super tasty.  But other than these Frecious little drinks, the fresh juice coverage is pretty meagre for a metropolitan city such as Amsterdam…

Ubud, Bali?  Heaven of juice heavens of course.  Fresh & organic fruit and veggies juices are available on every street corner of town.  ABC’s (Apple, Beetroot, Carrot), Heartbeats (Beetroot mixes), Aloe Vera blends, Leafy Green Juices (Spinach, Kale, Cabbage, Parsley, etc…), Turmeric mixes, Detox shots, Energizers…. I could spend my entire yearly budget on the juices in Ubud and still not get enough of them…  Even the smallest warungs have fresh juices available.  Avocado juice with a splash of chocolate is still one of my favourites…

Alas, I had to leave Bali and move on…

I do carry around and pop my Fruit & Vegetable capsules of course, as I have diligently for years.  Ideal for when you want to complement your regular diet with natural, whole-food supplements instead of useless chemical multivitamins.  At least I don’t lack my basic vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients, whatever I feed myself with on top of this.  But these capsules don’t satisfy my taste buds as nicely as those juices do…

So what I need is someone to design and launch a portable slow juicer.  A small, light, easy to clean slow juicer, fit for carrying around in a hand luggage sized trolley.  Is that too much to ask for?

I volunteer to test the prototype.  Drop me a line when ready to juice, ok?

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4 Responses to Portable slow juicer please!

  1. luannio says:

    +1 for volunteer tester

  2. wartica says:

    I’m with you on that; a portable juicer would be ideal to so many of us — hopefully sooner than later:)

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