10 Ways to De-Make Up and Feel Good

Source: elephantjournal.com, via Mind Body Green, via Daily Mail:

I saw this post passing by on elephantjournal.com (an awesome site!) some time ago already, but this time I took a closer look and googled some of the chemicals mentioned on the poster. Shocking!

I came to the happy conclusion that I have already taken most of the actions necessary to minimise the quantity of petrochemicals that smear I on my body.  In some of the cases it is by conscious choice, in other cases it’s just a lucky consequence of something else.

I know I’m freaking out a lot of my friends, talking about all these health conscious topics.  I do remember the days that I was living and consuming in blissful ignorance but unfortunately I am a little less ignorant nowadays.  My motto still is “Hey, we all have to die some day, so why not enjoy yourself in the meantime”.  I just interpret in a different way.  I assure you, it’s not death I’m trying to avoid, I know it’s coming.  It’s all the potential pre-death discomforts and diseases that I’m trying to prevent, as I believe those would seriously impede my enjoyment of life.

Here is the Top 10 actions I undertook (recently or long ago), which shows you how easy it is to avoid absorbing scary products such as parabens and other compounds with unpronounceable complex chemical names via  skin, hair and nails.

1) Shampoo (and conditioner):  Consciously stopped using those about 4 months ago after reading a post via Facebook about the harmful effects of traditional hair cleaning products.  Yes, I stopped shampooing my hair months ago!  I now use baking soda and apple cider vinegar instead, about once every 10 days and my hair looks super shiny, feels soft and doesn’t get greasy.  I can’t find the related post anymore, but here’s one that describes exactly what I’m doing now.  Additional benefit: you don’t pollute the environment with detergents.

2) Hairspray: Not that I used a lot of hairspray anyway, but I stopped using any kind of hair styling product since I started working in diving.  Your hair always looks like shit anyway in underwater pictures…

3) Blusher and foundation: Never used those in my life, except the one time I was in a high school play.  I just trust my natural glow 🙂 . And I also like to scratch or wipe my face without worrying about a layer of paint coming off.

4) Eyeshadow and lipstick: Stopped using those once I started living like a nomad.  They are those little useless luxury items which, if you throw out enough of them, help you get rid of 1 or 2 kg easy, thereby avoiding excess luggage fees.  And I don’t miss it for the life of me…

5) Nail varnish: After 18 months of getting my nails painted by a pedicure every three weeks in Singapore, my toe nails became yellow and lackluster.  Since I started diving, I gave up painting my nails anyway because the paint would chip in no time and behold, they are now healthy and shiny again!  I still go to the pedicure though, but that’s just for the enjoyment of someone pampering my feet.  If you want extra shine, buffing is the way to go!

6) Deodorant: Never used any deodorant in my life and so far, I’ve had no BO complaints… Have I?  I trust my friends will do the right thing and warn me should I suddenly start excreting funny smells from my armpits, in which case I would turn to something natural, such as Crystal Deodorant.  Totally free of chemicals.

7) Perfume: Also one of those things I stopped carrying since I started to travel a lot – despite the aggressive marketing attempts of the big cosmetic brands to undo you of a lot of money at the airport duty free.

8) Fake tan: Seriously? People really do that to themselves?  Ok, ok, I know I’m lucky to have a darker complexion that easily turns from latte to espresso colour when I spend some time in the sun, but still…  Would you trade a healthy white skin for a fake tan with cancer?

9) Body lotion (and facial cream and sun protection cream): Threw out my Biotherm, Lancôme and other expensive petrochemical shit that I was so fond of (check out a blog I wrote four years ago) and replaced it by paraben free, natural creams such as Sukin Body Lotion, a fantastic Australian brand which feels and smells delish and is much cheaper than those poisons in a jar.  For sun protection, very much needed here in Australia, I bought a paraben free Zinc Oxide cream SPF 30+.

10) And, to add to the growing feeling of  “Oh my god, she’s completely lost it” among some of you, I intend to soon get rid of my toothpaste with fluoride (= rat poison) to make room for a natural toothpaste (e.g. Weleda Calendula Toothpaste, a brand which you can get in almost any drugstore nowadays and it’s mint free – yeah for Stefano!!! 🙂 ) and I also will bin the last of my Lancôme mascara and eyeliner, which I only use about once a fortnight anyway and will be replaced by chemical free alternatives too.

Just the thought of using chemical free products makes me feel good.

And isn’t that exactly the point of make up? To make you feel good?

Puur natuurlijke lichaamsverzorging voor kinderen!

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One Response to 10 Ways to De-Make Up and Feel Good

  1. Well done Yaisa, I like your attitude to natural health !

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