That’s it.  I’ve reached my limit.

Since mid-March, roughly 50 days ago, I’ve slept in at least ten different locations and I’m not even counting the number of times we moved the tent while we were camping in during our fishing trip in Australia.  I went from our rented room in Perth via caravan parks and holiday villas to airplane seats and friend’s houses.  I’ve gotten to the stage where I need to lie very still in bed when I wake up, just to give my brain the time to figure out where I am, on which side of the bed I should step out without banging my head against the wall and which door leads to the toilet and not into the wardrobe.

If I listened to my body and brains, I would now stop right here right now and not move another inch for at least one month.  But I can’t.  Such is the life of a nomad, I chose it and I need to carry on.  For another few months at least.  However, there is a big fat carrot dangling at the very end of the long tunnel: permanent residency in Australia.

Now, before you get the impression that I’m sinking into a deep depression or going completely bonkers, let me get things straight: I’m stable (aren’t I?), very happy, in love, grateful for all the great adventures of the past months and very much looking forward to the things to come in the near future.

But I’m just really getting annoyed by having to pack my things in my back pack and trolley every five to seven days again (amazing how much volume I can manage to stuff in those two small pieces of luggage!).

What have we been up to, you may wonder?  I left you hanging in Kalbarri, Western Australia, where Stefano and I where fishing and camping beginning of April.  Since then, we’ve been back in Perth where we stayed with Nicole, I’ve been in Bali for some yoga bliss and I’ve stayed in Singapore for the wedding of the year.  And now I’m in Holland, on my mom’s balcony (while she is out eating mangosteens in Bali), typing my blog in the Dutch spring sun.   You just read that last sentence in 10 seconds and that’s pretty much how fast those travels went by in my perception.  I’ve not only lost geographical bearings it seems, but also my sense of time…

Saying goodbye to Australia was kind of weird.  The visa application process for permanent residency is going to take at least eight months.  Although we may find out earlier that it’s a definite no, we won’t know for sure whether it’s a definite yes until the end of the process.  So we packed and stored our things assuming we’ll be back, but are we going to see our car and belongings again?  Of course we prepared for a positive outcome and said “See you soon” rather than “Farewell” to our friends.  It was emotional nonetheless.

While Stefano left for Italy to be with his family, I flew to Bali for a happy reunion with yoga, delicious vegetarian food, refreshing fruit juices, giant coconuts and of course, my yoga buddies.  Darja, for one, whom I had a lot to catch up with and some other friends from all over the world who seem to keep on coming back to Bali, like me.  Best of all, I got to stay with Rob & Marianne who rented a house next to my favourite salad bar in Penestanan and offered me one of the bedrooms.  So this time round instead of staying in a small (but always cute) homestay, I was hosted in a beautiful villa in the rice fields, with swimming pool, gazebo, lounge area, cook, driver, maids and of course, the very enjoyable company of my friends and their kids.  How to top that next time???

The next highlight of the trip, and perhaps of the year, was Timmo’s wedding in Singapore.  It was special not only because my mom and I were invited (how many people do you know who invite not only their ex, but also their ex-mother-in-law to their wedding?), but simply because I still care about Timmo dearly and it was a beautiful event.  The couple looked radiant, their speeches were emotional and heartfelt, Ping looked amazing in her wedding dress and Chinese outfit (yes, it was a two day event), it was super cool to catch up with all the friends that came over from Holland, the food was extravagant and the bubblies where flowing royally.  It was a wedding I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

In between getting dressed up and dealing with alcohol intoxications, I also managed to meet up with several friends around Singapore.  Thankfully, I was again kindly hosted by Erik & Dannie, who provided me with an ass-kicking bed in the shape of a race car – my favourite bed on the list, wifi and daily company.  Dealing with hangovers would have been much harder in a dorm in a backpackers hostel…

My favourite bed


And now I’m finally back in my little orange country, where everybody is recovering from the last Queensday and getting used to the idea of having a King rather than a Queen.  I missed all the festivities, but no sweat.  I had other priorities.

I arrived early morning and the sun was shining.  Lovely day to relax, right?  But before even unpacking my luggage and showering after the long flight from Asia, I was already digging in the boxes that I stored in my mom’s garage and attic to find the folder with all my diplomas and certificates.  Then I spent the rest of the day behind the laptop, scanning, emailing, checklisting, dropboxing, googling and word-processing.  Also my brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (yes, I’ve finally entered the world of smartphones and I’m hooked!) was used extensively, placing phone calls to several organisations and to catch up with friends.  It is a good thing I bought a prepaid top up card with unlimited calls, sms and 1GB of data usage for the next month…  Well past midnight I crawled into the next new bed on the list and fell asleep watching a re-run of the King’s inauguration.  At least I worked through my jet lag in one day.

So you’d think I’d stay put for a while, having landed in my home country in spring.  But noooooooooo…

After three days in The Hague, I will make my way to Amsterdam tomorrow (yay!) but just for a week.  The first phase of document gathering for the visa is pretty much done, so I will have time to relax and run (or cycle rather) around to catch up with friends.  Ryan Air will then take me to Milano where I will spend time with Stefano whom I haven’t seen for three weeks by now, only to come back ten days later as the second document processing phase will start, for which I need to be in The Netherlands.

After that, who knows…. Italy again?  Holland for a while longer?  Egypt perhaps?  India for that Yoga Teacher Training I’ve been going on about?  Pffff… I get tired just thinking about all the travelling ahead of me.  But the thought of seeing all my friends again, being with Stefano and even more importantly, the future we are working towards, keeps me going.

Gotta go now, need to pack… 🙂





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2 Responses to #oversaturation

  1. Désirée says:

    Heerlijk om te lezen!
    gr. Désirée

  2. Jose says:

    Whatever the outcome, best wishes! Jose.

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