Happy Anniversary Babe.

CollageYou, beautiful human.

I love you from top to toe.

Your long curly hair that is soft and springy after you have just washed it and guarantee that I will never have a bold husband.

Your big green eyes that can gaze for hours to the tip of a rod or that become twinkle stars when you smile.

Your crazy broad grin that makes you look like the happiest child in the world or like a madman on photographs.

Your large rough hands that work so hard in the vineyards, around the house and yet are always warm and comforting.

Your thankfully pretty hairless chest that I can snuggle up to on the couch or in bed and the solid heart that beats inside.

Your funny toes that hate to be trapped in shoes and hate my cold feet in winter even more.

Okay, perhaps not the beard that you grow while I am away for two or three months and maybe also the belly is a bit bigger than what I would wish for.

But yet, I love those too.

For the long beard that you manage to grow during my absence, is a symbol of the freedom you give me and allow yourself. You let me wander around the globe for weeks on end, letting me do my things. You patiently wait at the other end of the digital line that keeps us connected while you take care of our house, our vegetable patch or your parents. The length of your beard is a measure of the amount of space we are able to give each other.

And the little bit of extra weight you put on over the years is but a consequence of our mutual love for food. You love to cook and I love you for that too. You prepare and eat your food with so much joy, that it’s impossible not to share that passion with you, even though I try to cut down on meat, cheese and pasta, all your favourite ingredients.

We found each other whilst we weren’t even looking. The sexual attraction developed into an unexpected fondness and true to our ways, we got serious while we were in fact 7.000 km apart. The connection that we both felt became love and kept growing until we realised we had a common vision for the future.

Getting married was not the objective. It was rather a means to achieve our dream. But boy did we have a good wedding party.

I came to realise that, although I am the verbally dominant one in the house (hey, I have an excuse, I am Pitta), you are the driver behind the two most important decisions of our life: the move to Australia and the choice not to have children.

It took some work for you to convince me, as initially I struggled with both ideas. I wanted something different and I usually get my way. I am stubborn, but you are patient. Oh so patient.

You are a fisherman, not only when it comes to catching fish. You have the ability to wait, to remain calm while I run around like a maniac, to think things through while I have already acted on impulse. Sure enough, you are sometimes excruciatingly slow, quiet or indecisive but hey, you have an excuse, you are Kapha.

So here we are, childless and in Australia. Well, technically speaking you are in Italy and I am in Bali and we can never be 100% that you are childless, but you know what I mean.

I would not have wanted it any other way. These were the best choices we could have made.

We are a free and independent pair, we are distinct individuals. You are you, I am me. We have not melted into an inseparable and annoying “we” couple, yet I want to spend the rest of my life with you. We don’t finish each other’s sentence, although we know each other’s story through and through.

You give me love, trust, respect, warmth, stability, support and a home. You make me laugh, you make me come, you make me stop and think. You catch dinner, forage lunch and make dreamcatchers. You bake cookies, clean the toilet and drink my green juices.

You let me be what I want to be and you try very hard to be what I want you to be, while always staying true to yourself. Grounded, steady and always there. Even when you are 12.000 km away.

I miss you, you beautiful human, and I can’t wait to be with you again.

Ti amo, see you at home soon.

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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary Babe.

  1. Heel mooi Yais, ontroerend en helemaal uit je hart! I love you both !

  2. da309302 says:

    Beautiful people, beautiful souls..xx

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