About me


My name is Yaisa. Welcome to my blog.

A blog about healthy food, sweaty yoga, exotic travels and all other things that happen in life.

In 2012, my intro started as follows:

“I was a banker. I am a dive centre manager and diving instructor. On sabbatical to be precise. I will be a yoga teacher.”

Today, 2016, I can proudly say the following:

“I was a banker. I was a dive centre manager and diving instructor. I am a yoga teacher. And I am health coach.”

If you want to get to know me better – and really have nothing better to do – you can browse through the archives to read about my life travels since November 2006.

I started that blog to keep my friends and family, mostly in The Netherlands, updated about my adventures abroad. Throughout the years, my blog evolved into something more complex. It became my personal diary and a place to vent. I sometimes browse through my own stories to trace back where and how I was at a certain point in time.

Nowadays I mostly write to share my passions with the rest of the world: about travelling, health, food, yoga and some random contemplations. I am a published author in elephant journal, a online magazine with millions of views per months.

But I also write for a more intimate and personal audience, for those who want to get infected with the same conditions I suffer from: chronic health and chronic happiness. It’s hard work, not always easy, but so so worth it…

Visit my website for more on what I can offer you to become, be and stay healthy and happy.

Happy readings!



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